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Freehold Land For Sale. Tel: 01403262523


Keston Greater London

The price should tell you these plots of land are sold without planning permission.


Keston Stellas Field Plots of Land.

This is in Bromley, Greater London.

These are allotment sized freehold land plots, ideal for growing your own or simply as an investment for the future.

Unlike stocks and shares, the land will still exist even during a financial crash.


Small Green Blocks of land (95m2)

Retail £8,000 on Sale = £3,999

This is exclusive to this website (below offer):

Larger Green Blocks of Land (380m2) = £12,000
(4x small plots, saving an extra £4K)

Plot 144 = £12,000

Plot 158 = £12,000

Plot 159 = £12,000

Plot 160 = £12,000

Plot 161 = £12,000

Plot 162 = £12,000

You can pay the full amount or 10% and the balance in 28 days and be the registered owner at the Land Registry sooner.

Please quote this page when making your enquiry. Tel 01403 262523

Keston Stella's Field

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Also see Meadowlands at Keston, Bromley, Greater London