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Gladwish Land Sales Reviews.

I am going to try and keep this as brief as possible and we are open to your thoughts and feedback.

Bad Press.

10 years ago there was a lot of bad press about Land Banking Companies and this can still be read today. Gladwish Land Sales is not a Land Banking Company, but we can understand from an outsiders perspective it may look like one, especially with the help of the media doing a fine job of brainwashing the masses as they do oh so well. The media’s power to sensationalise stories and apologise later just to sell papers and stories is not unheard of Рthey simply pay a fine or publish an apology (if you are lucky) when they are found to be misleading, inaccurate and derogative.

Land Banking Companies are set up to sell land and then they have a team to get this land within the development framework. Gladwish Land Sales clearly state they only sell Freehold Agricultural and Woodland without planning permission and can simple connect plot owners who wish to push for a common goal. Gladwish Land Sales Limited do not have a team to help you achieve planning permission and neither do they suggest to be experts.

You also need to acknowledge, Victor Gladwish was the first person to sell small plots of land on a large scale. He later went on to form Gladwish Land Sales Limited and became England’s first and largest Land Retailer.

Many people saw what he was not doing, and that was to promise planning permission in the future. This was an open gateway to unscrupulous business men jumping in to maximise sales potential by promising planning permission was guaranteed in so many years – here starts the big problem. Nobody can promise planning permission and at the same time, nobody is qualified to say it can never happen, although an educated assessment can point out the obvious, it may be extremely unlikely to achieve due to many obvious geographical or other negative factors.

Do you imagine getting planning permission on land in a flood area or landfill sites or other crazy ideas? – well, do a little research and discovery the fact this has actually happened (goodness knows how). This is not being thrown in the pot to lure you to think the land we sell has increased it’s likelihood to getting planning, I am just stating the fact there have been worse scenarios which have achieved planning.

High returns on land investments.

Before the recession in 2007, we had traders buying and selling plots of land fetching them a handsome return of no less than 50% in profit. The average selling time was 18 months and this calculation was quantified by using factual sales statistics. When the global economy took a dive, the average selling time grew longer and was no longer stated as a worthy statistic.

Was the land mis-sold?

The land we sell is sold without planning permission and this is stated everywhere on our website and our literature – not in hard to find fine print.

The fact is, a lot of people do not read (even our Bold text). We do not hide it, you will find this clearly on every location page.

If a customer later realises their unfortunate mistake, they may well decide to publish bad reviews about Gladwish Land Sales. Is this really ethical or correct?

Check this if you wish to confirm who the real bad guys are:

In fact, we have a lot of customers who have rebuked this allegation and confirmed we were open and honest from when they came across our company.

There lots of customers who have been delighted to own a plot of land and they feel our company is fantastic.

2 thoughts on “Press Reviews

  1. Peter Gladwish

    This is my view. It is not right that these stories are so old and the authors are not able to remove them even though some of the articles are absolutely biased and wrong and even when privately acknowledge by the website that the updated facts contradict the sensationalised press release.
    Freedom of Press – you gotta love it!

  2. jill jones

    I bought land in Alderton Glous’, just as the tide turned and my hopes of selling are long-term due to the ambiguous press stories.