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Plot Owners Associations

We are happy to help point plot owners to Plot Owners Associations in order to make communication and organisation easier. A web site/page can be set up where plot owners can contact a designated management team who own plots of land at the said location.

They would then act on behalf of all/most other plot owners who wish to consider the possibility for change of use, i.e.

  • Planning Permission
  • Erecting fences or hedges
  • Camping and facilities
  • Alternative to allotments
  • Getting water or other services
  • Improving the rights of way surfaces

Without running the risk of being accused of using this as a marketing ploy, we’ll leave this as food for thought, but suffice to say, this is being proposed by plot owners at 4 of the locations where we sell land, but we are not shouting from the roof tops and using this to mislead anybody.