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Planning Permission

Hypothetically and simply FYI to save you looking for the answer online or grabbing a tape measure to measure some houses in England.

The average 3 bedroom house is 80m2, the average 4 bedroom house is 90m2 and the average 5 bedroom house is 110m2.

Note the word “average” and note our land does not have planning permission at the point of sale and we do not imply you will get planning permission. This is simply to help you compare our land sizes.

Will our lands get planning permission.Plot owners association

This is a big question we are asked a lot. Unfortunately, our crystal ball doesn’t work 😛

To be honest with you, we started selling plots of land 30 years ago as Freehold agricultural or woodland to individuals. This was simply unique and not available anywhere else at the time and people didn’t have aspirations of buying land and building their dream home back then.

This idea of building your own home is relatively new. People ring us up or enquire about building plots after hearing about the planning reform, MP’s suggesting this Country should take inspiration from the TV program Grand Designs and how they want to turn this nation into a nation of “self builders”. Plus of course we have all heard there is a housing shortage in the UK and plans are a foot to fill this shortage.

True Freehold Land.

Planning permission for our land is not promised but the plot owners have a right to apply for planning permission because we sell true Freehold land and we use to think this is a free country. We do not add any Restrictive Covenants to the land we sell. Many people add a Clawback, Uplift or Overage clauses to the land, so if you get planning permission, they will be able to claim a percentage of the uplift value once you achieve planning permission.

Will individuals get planning permission?

Well, we are not experts, but feedback from our customers is you have more chance of obtaining planning permission if a large number of people at a location get together and apply en-mass, or if you are a large building company. If you think about it, the Council will probably see a single house as being a small number to tick off their list of required housing targets. It seems more likely planning permission would be considered where a large number of houses will be built.

planning permissionWhat to do.

We all know Towns and Cities grow rather than build another New Town like Milton Keynes or Peterborough – but it’s not out of the question. So, selling land for this long, we hear from people looking at buying strategically located land as an alternative investment with a logical conclusion that a Town may grow in this or that direction.

Therefore it may be productive to form a Plot Owners Association at a location and come together with a goal in mind and take steps as a large group of people seeking planning permission.

We are happy to help point plot owners to Plot Owners Associations in order to make communication and organisation easier. A web site/page can be set up where plot owners can contact a designated management team who own plots of land at the said location. They would then act on behalf of all other plot owners who wish to consider the possibility for planning permission.

End note.

Without running the risk of being accused of using this as a marketing ploy, we’ll leave this as food for thought, but suffice to say, this is happening at 4 of our locations where we sell land.

I don’t need to remind you this is a free country and a democracy, but at times we need to remind the civil servants, that they work for the citizens!

In the mean time:

Use the land to grow organic food, keep Bee’s and animals. This will help reduce Britain’s carbon footprint and Britain’s need to import such a high percentage of food. With such high levels of import dependency we are incredibly dependent on oil to fuel our food supplies. Consider using the land as a source for renewable energy, like solar panels or wind turbines.