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Greater London Land value

As we’ve quoted for years:

“Buy land. They’ve stopped making it.” Mark Twain

Don’t wait to buy land; buy land and wait.

Land Value has gone up over 800% in the last 30 years!

Why Invest In Land

The land value in the England keeps going up, so it is a great investment opportunity.
Land is always going up in value and the demand is forever increasing
Don’t wait to buy land; buy land and wait.

Increase In value

When weighing up the facts presented to you via the British media, you only have to acknowledge a few simple facts:

The UK population will increase by millions of people by 2020, partly due to migration.
UK Government suggested over 2 Million new homes need to be built by 2020. This will not be enough to accommodate the rise in population, therefore land prices will continue to rise due to demand. We live on an island!

Nearly 2 Million New Homes will have to be built and some on the Greenbelt by 2020. The Prime Minister acknowledges the housing shortage, so it’s not our marketing, the Government tell the masses what he thinks they want to hear.

Don’t forget; when building new homes, they need to be supported by infrastructure. Roads, water processing and other services will also require land. Lets not forget, the green fingered folk who want an alternative to an allotment, to which the local councils are bound to supply due to the Allotment act.

When it’s gone, it’s gone!

Do the Maths and ask yourself if you want to buy into this tangible Asset, or do you want to let it slip by.

We can advertise your land if you wish to resell it later for a profit.

Looking to purchase land for sale in the Greater London area as an investment, you will hopefully watch the value grow. The land value should climb because of the demand for land around the M25. If you’ve considered Greenfield land, you really can see the benefit. The value of Greenfield land has increased by a staggering rate in the past 10 years!

Trading in Land:

Buy a plot; add a profit to it and put it back on the market. Unlike stocks and shares or mismanaged pension funds: Freehold plots are a real Tangible Asset that wont just disappear from your portfolio.

This really is a valuable asset; you can use and enjoy it or simply pass it on to your children or grandchildren for their future.

Some locations could benefit from change of use. It is our Government itself telling us we need houses, offices, and other infrastructure due to the rising population and to help boost our economy.

Greater London Land value is a joy to watch if you are a land owner.

Buy land and wait, don’t wait to buy land in the Greater London area.

If you would like some details about land investing and what is available to buy, please use the contact form.