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Buy land as a Gift

We have many people asking if they can buy land as a gift for their children.

Fortunately, they are not alone and this is something we have done for many of our customers who buy land as a gift in the past. Some will come back to us when their children are 18 years old so we can transfer the land into their names and of course a lot of the buyers children are already 18 years old, so this is a very simple procedure.

Buy land as a gift for your child’s future or for somebody to sell in the future.

Land gift

If the person you are buying it for is over 18 years old, we can process the registry details into their name for you at the point of sale.

Land has continually gone up in value and there are no signs this trend will change.

In fact, due to losing so much land to housing and infrastructure, what land is left should be default increase in value.

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We have land in other parts of England starting from £2,000