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Freehold Land For Sale. Tel: 01403262523


Gladwish Land Sales Limited

Gladwish Land Sales Limited is a family run business.

We are giving you the opportunity to own Freehold land in England.

  • Many business minded people buy land as an alternative to Stocks and Shares. If a company is hit by a downturn in the economy, then the value drops or even worse, becomes worthless!
  • Think how cheap land was only 20 years ago and how its value has risen more than 800% – then think ahead, it’s still going up in value.
  • Individuals have told us they bought land to sell in the future and the profit goes to their pension funds (SIPPS).
  • People express an interest in owning their own alternative to an allotment or a little pitch to park their motor home on.
  • England is a great Country where we can enjoy our freedom and democracy, it belongs to the citizens – why do you think everybody wants to live here 😀

The price should tell you these plots of land are sold without planning permission at the point of sale.

London Land for sale from £3,999 SALE
Keston, Bromley, Greater London – South East London

Keston Stella's Field
Meadowlands Sale

Land in other parts of England from £2,000

Buy freehold land - Gladwish Land Sales Limited

Please note, all land sold on perfect plot is sold without planning permission at the point of sale.

It’s simple as ABC.

  • How to own your piece of England
  • Choose your land for sale that you wish to buy
  • Reserve your chosen land
  • 10% deposit secures that land
  • Pay the balance within 28 days
  • All you pay is the price shown (plus £40 to the Land Registry)*
  • They do the conveyance for Free for every on all land you buy from us
  • You will own the land – your name will go to the Deeds (Title plan)
  • You will have legal right of way to your land
  • It’s so simple to own a piece of England!

*Solicitor: If you wish to use your solicitor, then their fees need to be added.

British land - Gladwish Land Sales LimitedBuy with confidence from Gladwish Land Sales Limited

Buy with confidence: A Family run business for over 25 years. We made it possible for people to buy and manage their own piece of English land.

Due to the fact we are on an Island where the population is rocketing, demand for land has also increased.

The land can be used for many things; a long term investment, sell it in the future to make money, go camping with the family, Bee Keeping or an alternative to an allotment plot to name a few.

As we’ve quoted for years, Mark Twain said:

  • “Buy land. They’ve stopped making it.”

Buy land as a Gift

Gift1Buy land for your child’s future
or for somebody to sell in the future.

Land has continually gone up in value and there are no signs this trend will change.

In fact, due to losing so much land to housing and infrastructure, what land is left should be default increase in value.

Why Invest In Land ?

Don’t wait to buy land; buy land and wait.

We make no promises about change of use.

Land with Outline Planning permission is generally sold for more than £80K.

Buy land and wait; don’t wait to buy land.

Trading in Land Stock with Gladwish Land Sales Limited

Land is a Tangible asset. Comparitivly, land has been seen as an alternative to Stocks and Shares due to the instability of the Stock Market.

The strength of the UK land market is well publicised, with the RICS reporting prices up 14.3% during 2013.

The long-term reduction in supply of land is even more important for those watching the prices rise due to demand.

Customers buy the land, add a profit and put them back on the market to resell to overseas investors looking to invest in England.

You can become a land owner and furthermore, also a land Trader. We can offer you the opportunity of buying land and then adding a profit where you will make money when it sells. You will also be able to see Trader to Trader deals and any new land at Trader prices.

It is true to say, some people do buy land in the hope it may get planning permission. Times have changed and so too have peoples aspirations.

We don’t have a crystal ball (well, we do but it doesn’t work), so an educated guess along with common sense and a bit of research will help you make up your mind as to whether any particular location could perhaps be granted planning permission, rather than a location that will not..

Start building your land portfolio today. Give us a Call 01403 262523


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Land for sale from £2,000

SALE details available.

Land for sale with planning permission: Click here for details